Gates Of Heaven
Lyrics Danielle Rose

O child, my child, are you going away?
Will you leave on the wings of the morning?
You have heard his voice; you've answered the call,
But it's hard the path you're making.

Will you think of me
When the blue bird sings,
With the warmth of the sun in its rising?

And if I never see your face again,
We will meet at the gates of heaven.
O we'll meet at the gates of heaven.

You have given me hope; you've given me joy.
You have given me more than you've taken.
And I look at you with my heart in my hands
And you know this old heart is aching.

And I'll think of you
When the roses bloom,
With the sound of a baby laughing.

And if I never hear your sweet voice again
We will sing at the gates of heaven
O we'll sing at the gates of heaven

Walk on, walk on, with the wind at your back
And a prayer for a new life beginning.
You've been given to me by the Good Maker's hands
Now my gift to the Lord is returning.

And I'll bless your path
With the stars at night,
And the smile of the day as its dawning.

And if I never walk beside you again,
We'll dance at the gates of heaven,
O we'll dance at the gates of heaven.


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