Follow Me
Lyrics Danielle Rose

If you lose your life for the sake of my name
If you leave behind all fortune and fame
Then my heart shall be your home
Every child shall be your own
One grain falls to the ground and a thousand are sown
Follow me, follow me...

I've called you by name; I call you my friend
From now on you'll be fishers of men
Cast out all fear; put out in the deep
Take up your cross and follow me

You will hold the heart of the world in your hands
You will hold the Flesh and the Blood of the Lamb
As you lay down your life for the Body of Christ
You will stand in my place offering sacrifice
For the sheep, a good shepherd for the sheep

Do you love me? Yes Lord I love you
Do you love me? You know that I love you
Do you love me? You know everything; you know that I love you
Feed my sheep

Take up your holy cross and follow me


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