Easter Morning
Lyrics Danielle Rose

I have been waiting.
I have been waiting for this moment.
Touch the sky - death to new life.

Like a seed within the darkness of the tomb,
Death itself you have transformed into a womb for the world.
For the garden of your glory to re-bloom once again.
Your tears become our life; your tears become our bread.

And the cross becomes a crown
The crown of thorns becomes a rose
And He rose from death to life
Out of love He chose
To give it all away
Become transparent to our pain
Make our suffering His own
To become human

I thought that I had died, Lord, in the darkness
Waiting for something to open around me.
But look now--look at these wings you've given me!
Look at the thousands of butterflies that cloud the sky around me!

Every desolate and desecrated spirit
Has become a splinter of the ageless cross.
And He sweat blood as he comprehended what He had taken on
And He trembled in the darkness at the memory of the future wrongs.

Song facts

The 1st Glorious Mystery: the Resurrection
Based on John 20:1-18


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