Black Hole Of Truth
Lyrics Danielle Rose

Well, you think you've got it all straight,
That you're heading in the right direction?
By the time you figure out that you're holding the map upside down,
You're more lost than you've ever been.

What if truth to you isn't truth to me?
Is God on your side? Am I just naive?
Can you squish religion into your black hole of truth,
Sucking spirituality, rationality, humanity
Into a single point of view?

My faith is getting tossed around
Like a paper bag blowing across the road.
You cruise along your unquestionable highway of truth,
But let me tell you, there are no roads without bumps.
I can see a mountain up ahead, it's either crash or climb:
Neither's easy, but you've got to make up your mind.

Well, there's not an answer to every question
Unless, of course, you're on line with God's mind.
Just take a bite of this apple, dear,
And you'll have blue prints to the universe.
Is that what you're trying to find?


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