Lyrics Cymbals Eat Guitars

Written by: Joseph P. D'Agostino

Produced by: John Agnello

This contusion-colored evening
Maybe you paint the silhouette
Of the gaunt tree line singed in '97
When wildfires threatened my development
The swallowed towns the Klan had founded
The shaded sand dens were Party Caverns
For them who'd come hallucinate while we slept
Scaring our rabbits to death in their hutches
I can't remember how I used to live
But they've all cased their jumps fatally
I willed it to be in the hours of blankness
Preceding sleep oh the years we wasted faking remorse, remorse

Every decision I have ever made
Bred the branching future's mute howlers
With burst-vessel red eyes roaring inaudibly
On the freezing morning walk to the corner grocery
What hangs over the big empty country
Reborn in the negatives of photos of dusk
Regret so huge it's on a phantom axis
Receding beaches hissing hearing damage
The miles-long column of cold moonlight cast across still seas
When my nose begins to bleed
Some submitted to having their lights put out
By the basement thrill killers of the neighborhood
I heard being murdered is no experience
Ten or eleven wounds in
"It's not about Satan or anything. You just die. It's weird."


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