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Lyrics Cymbals Eat Guitars

Written by: Joseph P. D'Agostino, Matt Whipple

Produced by: John Agnello

There it hovered then a flash
Instantly the sand is glass
If you don't know just ask around
Dig your nails into my hand
Tattoo of a wedding band
I could hit the floor soon myself

For the last year you lived
You slept in your parents' bed
You whisper now from outside time
"The Milky Way's a swirling drain
Gotta laugh the dread away
There's no word for what I became"

Screen memories of weekends never spent
Out to Mystic and to Cape May
Still smoking in diners the whole way
And the bridge whips up behind us
The fifth mode of travel will make us see
That everyone's alive in old light overflowing from the pool
Guess I guess the one's the one I had to lose
Flash of white engulfs us as the film runs out
I'd say I'll see you round but man I have my doubts

I discard another friend
His skin's that hepatitis tint
Eyes that got an acquisitive glint
One generation to the next
In the cell a secret knowledge
So oblivious, so humane

We met on VJ Day
My memory is fading
Your girlfriend from back then
Where's she now?
When the psychic said your name
My heart skipped
My life swelled
I lived in hope
Believe me baby I don't know a lot but I know this is true
You could f*ck around and I would forgive you
Why does every story end with cut to black?
Now I would do anything to get you back


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