Missing You Fierce
Lyrics Cory Branan

Written by: Cory Branan

Produced by: Paul Ebersold

At least that last sip of whiskey was warm and wet
As good a goodnight as I'm gonna get
I've been missing you woman and wishing you here
Been missing you something fierce
Missing you fierce

Been riding that late night bus where we got scandalous
Through the jaws of Los Angeles
Into the wild blue wanderlust
Been riding it just because
I miss you because
Oh, just because

The strobe lights flared on
You were there and gone

You said "always" and then you just left
You left hallways in my footsteps
And this radio nothingness coming in clear
Got me missing you something fierce
Missing you fierce

I've got this new drink you helped me stumble upon
Take the empty glass once the whiskey is gone
Garnish with fire and chase with tears

Here's to you
Missing you fierce
Missing you fierce


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