All I Got And Gone
Lyrics Cory Branan

Written by: Cory Branan

Produced by: Paul Ebersold

The water made it through the roof
To the busted baby grand
The drops are dripping on the mute yellow keys
Like the dead remembering a melody

Play for me, play for me
She is all I got and gone

Well, baby used to harp and jaw
She'd argue with a weather-vane
Tonight the wind is riled and raw
Go on let it rave
Maybe I will finally get my chance to cave

Anything, I'd give everything
She is all I got and gone

I tore this place up for a note
Sideboard, bureau, wardrobe, shelf
But the heart has four darkened drawers
And secrets from itself

So let that darkness take this room
And all these so called furnishings
I got a snapshot of the moon I took inside of me
Yellow eyes crying over yellowed ivory

Goodbye to me, say goodbye to me
She is all I got
She is all I got
She is all I got and gone


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