Won't Let You Go
Lyrics Chris Webby

Featuring: Tim Gallo, D. Lector

I love you hip-hop,
I really do.

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
What's love?
I don't know yet,
When I think back at every single
Blonde or brunette.
A-a-and it's not that I don't like sex
But I f*ck one girl
Then it's on to the next.
But with hip-hop
It's something more.
Can't tell if it's lust
Or it's love for sure.
But uh,
We've been seeing each other now for a minute.
She made me the man that I am
Now I live it.
A-a-and it's more than just music.
She taught me to have no fear
And just do it.
When I was locked up,
She helped me get through it.
She gave me a dream
And I swore to pursue it.
She with me in the whip
And then I get home.
And she's laying beside me
Reppin' the headphones.
F*ck a girlfriend,
Hip-hop's my only.
With her and a stereo,
I'll never be lonely.

[Verse 2: Tim Gallo]
She's acting like I lost a step
When, I haven't even started yet
And, these other broads and brunettes
She's playing hard to get
I'm sending compliments
Then, she's still far from yes
And got me coming back like a pharmacist
My only hope is, this isn't all for sex
And if it is, I have to press pause for breath
And these other hoes can't get it done
That's cause
I like to bump beats when I f*ck
So what?
If this chick is my savior
Even though she does that switch
And rotate her
But you've got to have patience
She's so much more than an acquaintance
And if you're looking for the same life style
Don't trust her
Cause she can't trade right now

[Verse 3: Danimal Lector]
It was 9-9-95, age ten
I basically spent my time alone
Only had like eight friends
Felt like no one understood me
Way back when
But then I met you
And I was like amen
We been together since
I was in a playpen
But you started acting different
And I saw you change then
You best switch it up
B*tch, what's up?
I love you
But you f*ckin' this sh*t up
I'm pissed enough
Me and you went everywhere
Slept with my Walkman
Not a teddy bear
We were always together
Now you're never there
I know what they say
Life, it ain't ever fair
Hard not to shed a tear
Cause you're a piece of art
8-8-808 drum
That's the beat of my heart
I miss you
But believe me I'm smart
So no worries
The main stream ain't deep enough
To keep us apart


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