What Good Am I
Lyrics Chris Webby

[Sample: Dinah Washington & Max Richter - This Bitter Earth]
And if my life is like the dust
Ooh that hides the glow of a rose
What good am I
Heaven only knows

Planet's f*cked up man
Human beings are the worst thing that happened
To this all Mother Earth baby
This is what it is, uh

The world we're livin' in, this sh*t is messed up, sometimes I feel like God packed up and left us,
Terrorist killing people for no reason, the good die young while evil's still breathing,
I can't even turn the news on, all you hear about is dangerous people creating new bombs
Serial killers and natural disasters, I'm just prayin' there be some pieces to put together after
Oil spills after hurricane Katrina, Kim Jong ill sending threats from North Korea
The middle east, war in the streets, people strapping bombs cause of their religious beliefs
Killing others by the dozen, as the human race falls victim to our own self destruction
We gotta change the way we live cause it's the same f*cked up world that I'll be leaving to my kids, man

How the f*ck am I supposed to raise a family here, man?
How can I leave what we got, give it to my kids like... crazy
Sometimes it's nothin' but bad people, nothin' but bad things goin' on, ah?
F*ck... What can I do, you know? What can I do?

We gotta make a change, it's our duty we're raping the planet of its resources and beauty
Gangs kill each other on American soil, while we destroy entire ecosystems drilling for oil
I know times change, the sh*t evolves, but I remember forests and now the mini malls
Mother Earth been givin' us a warnin', what happens when the ice caps melt from global warmin'?
Some of the most majestic creatures on this planet, are hunted till the point the population's nearly vanished
Gunned down for recreational activity, and now can only be found at zoos and captivity
We've just become too technologically advanced, at this rate the earth never stood a chance
The Mayans say our time is almost done, so if 2012 is true I guess we had a good run right?

2012 man, it's coming
Whatever your opinion is... we f*cked
We got oil spillin' on the Gulf Coast
Deforestation in South America man, read about it man, f*ck

I'm not trying to seem too pessimistic, but if things don't change, that outcome is realistic
And everyone should be aware of all this sh*t, as the world spins on its axis like a kick flip
They say I poorly influence all of this kids cause honestly they shouldn't idolize the crazy way I live
But I don't want 'em making the same mistakes I did that will lead 'em to a life full of nothin' but sh*t
Cause it's not cool to pop mad pills and act crazy
But I got my own demons, my own Slim Shady, that alter ego always up to nothing but trouble
But I left all that behind me when I stepped out of the ruble
And try to get my life together followin' this rap sh*t
When I say it's all I got, I mean it, that's it
So ain't nobody stoppin' me from makin' it,
And if it's not given to me, then I'm takin' it

I'm here baby
You know, I'm always on my party sh*t
La la la, off the chain
I'm an intelligent person, I know what's good
Go out, read the newspaper, see what's goin' on around you man
People too stupid, educate yourself


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