We Made You (Stoner Anthem)
Lyrics Chris Webby

(Man, I don't even know what I'm doin in this mothaf*ckin booth right now)

Haha, let's go!

When you walk in the room, it is clear to see
I'm the one, with the bong, and the bag of weed
I'm a pothead, and everybody knows it's
So drop dead, if you will oppose it
I'm the one whose burnin'

[Verse 1]
Back by popular demand
Wait no not yet, no one even knows who I am
But I'm the White Noise and I'm kickin' it again
Kick em to the curb as I stick it to the man
Chris Webby, check the Johnathan Hancock
Walk around buzzed on Klonopin and pot
Got so many lyrics, when I drop it I can't stop
Find me a biddy and I'm watchin' her pants drop
Whoa, start unzipperin' now
There's no way I be simmerin' down
But I be Donkey Kong, so I'm a hit em with a Simeon hound
And keep buzzin' like a sippian, wow
Now, Kowabunga
When I come and hit her from the under
Round make sound like thunder
White as the weather in a tundra
Stun ya, cause I rap it ill, it'll really make ya wonder


[Verse 2]
I'm the illest white rapper on 20 muscle relaxers
Sniffin' anthrax just to feel the sh*t faster
I'm a f*ckin' Jedi master no need for a blaster
My lightsaber will leave none standin' after
I swing it around and cut everyone to fractions
Sweep em in a pile then drive away laughin'
I think that I lost it, I can't explain my actions
Neither can the therapist, he says that I'm on crack
And I would have to agree cause I been smokin' that
Since I was like 6 sittin' on Santa's lap
Asking for my own prostitute and a bat
So I can knock her out and jerk off on her rack
A little animal is what the f*ck I was
Poppin' Ritalin, tattlin', just to get a little buzz
F*ck, what was I even talking about? Uh...
Oh yeah, where was I? Kids, don't do drugs


And that's why
My dutch
I've never had enough
So I'ma roll me up another once I finish this up
And that's why
My brain
Is now completely f*cked
So I have no idea why I am even saying this stuff

[Verse 3]
I'm a young buck, f*cked up, trashed like a dump truck
With bundles of Budda smellin' like a skunks butt
Slaughter any dumb f*ck, messing with the come up
Like Mario with a green shroom, got one up
On anybody cause you know I flow it dope
Walk around with a cane, beatin' up older folks
I'm just looking for a pair of titties I can motorboat
Or a bottle of Penicillin so I can overdose
Comatose mothaf*cka and the morning wood
Raspy ass voice soundin' like Donald Duck
Mad Game, Crazy, rollin' with a lot of sluts
Pop so many pills, who will know what I could vomit up?
Hanukkah to Ramadan, I got a bomb tickin'
Goin' on and on, who would stop at my mission?
Murder Robin Hood, f*ckin' choke him with my belt
Then I steal from the rich and keep it for myself


Get high high high
Get high high high
Get high high high
Get high get high


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