Raising The Bar
Lyrics Chris Webby

Yeah you see, I've been sayin' it for a little while
Some people still speculatin' "Is he really as nice as he says he is?"
But uh I'ma get here today, show you guys what's good
Hehem yeah okay yeah

Anytime I step I blaze it thoroughly
No one seein' me, I need corrective laser surgery
Check my date of birth you see Webby's only 21
Hotter than the summer b*tch, you know I got it covered son
Get it done when I get up on a beat and I tear it up
'Cause all I got in this world is my word and a pair of nuts
Bring them in I'll air them out, hustlin' like Escobar
With lyrics sharper than the claws retracted in a leopard's paw
Check my repertoire 'cause I've been grindin' for a minute, huh
And even the haters admit that I can spit it
This rappin' is a sport to me, break it down importantly
Whiter than the kilo b*tch I'm bringin' Boston George with me
Ramblin', answerin' the hate and spit it gorgeously
Can't handle him, I'm Anakin and yes I got the force with me
Torture be have 'em all askin' "Where the chorus be?"
B*tch I'm good money and ain't nobody affordin' me
Playin' my cards right, whiter than the Marb light
Voice raspier than Christian Bale in The Dark Knight
I got my competition stayin'off of us
And every f*ckin' hater runnin' scared like Paul Walker
I don't fire deadly shots, never with a semi-cock
Just light up heady pot and spit venom, call me Eddie Brock
Webby drops whether you ready or not
Heavy metal or pop, so steadily I'll get to the top
Clever as ever so what, the bass and treble will not
So f*ckin' loud it's like gettin' hit in the head with a rock
I'll leave 'em dead or in shock, when I spit it I'm a rap rebel
Whip my size 10 Jordans on the f*ckin' gas pedal
Grab the mic and I go, ain't nobody messin' with the rhythm my flow
Need that dough, tic-tac-toe, break muthaf*ckas like a Kit Kat bro
Hit that dro, pass that back, lightin' low, 20 sack
Then I roll it up and hit it till the sh*t's all ash
Then my drug dealer gonna get a call back
Back on the track, accurate that's the reason I'm so relaxed when I rap
'Cause the facts of the fact and the fact of it is next to Em nobody spit this crack
Bring it back, crowd packed, dog I'm rippin' more beats
Carryin' the game just like a baby in a stork's beak
I'm servin' the competition like Roddick
I'm Dr. Robotnik when nothing's in my pocket
Toxic, so f*ckin' dirty you should wash it
Got this hot sh*t, Lebron couldn't block it
Spittin' it with flavor, rippin' wisdom on the paper b*tch
I get the block hoppin' just like if Tigger was my neighbor
Precision like a laser, no one playin' with this
'Cause this rap is second nature like inhalin' a spliff
Then I put together words and I rip sh*t ill
No one ever done like Christian will, spit with skills, b*tch this real
Brain slowed down on prescription pills
Need a deal, damn straight, make the f*ckin' land shake
Ari Gold lookin' for me since he seen the fan base
Youtube numbers up, Facebook yeah what's up
All you do is Google me and haters keep their mouth shut
Now what, like a deer hunter all about bucks
If you're tryna' burn with me you'll need at least an ounce plus
It's in my nature I guess, I'm f*ckin' meant for this
Ain't no type of censorship equipped for all my sentences
The booth is like my Octagon; you don't wanna enter this
I'm Anderson Silva so step in here you're getting' leveled quick
Poppin' stars and I'll be ravin' until I'm sober
I'm not afraid of sh*t, I'm as brave as the Little Toaster
Cocaine and some baking soda, I'm crack, next up to bat
Griffey Junior to these losers, no one's f*ckin' with the stats
Pupils fat and got a bag of mali in my pocket
I'm like Pikachu shovin' a metal fork into a socket
I'm electric, style eclectic, all these haters try to mock it
But spit so f*ckin' flawless they can't help it but to jock it
Son I'll rock it, and now they all bloggin' about the hotness
Datpiff hot this week with a million comments
The big new thing, read about me in the comics
On the high and lowest rhymin' potent lyrics better watch it
Now I'm back and I rip it up and spit it so nice
Ain't nobody messin' with the poltergeist, skin tone white, takin' flight
So far ahead that I'm out of sight, down to fight, rip it on the mic
There never been a night that my pen don't write
There never been a night that I don't rap nice
When I'm on the right weed and rolled up tight
Hold that mic, get it in, who could ever mess with him
Sicko get some Levaquin the medicine you get it
Then show 'em I'm never settlin', f*ckin' paper shredder 'em
You wanna step then your chances are looking extra slim
Grindin' every day, reachin' the top, and I'm only a step away
You don't believe me? Watch
I'm a beast on the mic, there's nobody left to help you
'Cause b*tch I'm nice, how many times I gotta tell you?
Damn man, f*ck these haters, I'm out ha


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