Lyrics Chris Webby

Yeah, yep, my mamacita. Check, okay.

She's the picture of perfection lets start with that,
Tend to give an elderly man a heart attack
She bad, so God damn sexy
Thinkin' dirty thoughts every single time she texts me
Bedroom hot and heavy, naked and sweaty
Hour after hour non-stop stay ready
We both down for whatever
That's why I got you and you got me
Till we rollin' to the top boo
She's like a top model and I'm an ill rapper
Time to kick it roll a blunt and just chill after
Pop a pill after
Sh*t we're both nuts
Tellin' us to slow up and we're like, "so what?"
'Cause we don't give a f*ck and they know it
Throw our middle fingers up, b*tch blow it
The sex gets rough I got the scars to show it
But she's the only one I roll with
That's my baby.

She's the one that I keep to the side of me
Ready to roll 'cause mama gon' ride with me
From the moment the sun goes down until the mornin'
So sexy with every damn thing she do
That's why I can't hold back when I'm bangin' you
She my, she my, my mamacita (cita)
She my, my mamacita (cita)

She likes to f*ck on the regular
But baby I'm ahead of ya
I've been doing dirty
You tamed a sexual predator
And since it's hard for me to keep my d*ck in my pants,
I guess this is the chance for me to find true romance
Mami like 5'2 dark tan complexion
Nice ass, real tits, with a slim midsection
I know every dude stays lookin' at you
But since you're coming home with me there ain't sh*t I gotta do
You do something to me
F*cking with me under the sheets
Baby girl's nothing but freaks.
She's 500 degrees so hot and spicy
Grab me, scratch me, slap me, bite me
'Cause since she got an attitude
She always wanna fight me
But since I like it rough
We can do it on the nightly
We stay getting drunk and fight but it's aight
Yo it's worth it, the make up sex is so tight


She a dime piece
Everybody know her, girly's well known
Sending me naked pictures on the cell phone
Baby girl I really think that I'm loving you
Either that, or sh*t, I'm addictied to f*cking you
But it's whatever
We gon' ride till the sun's up
Hit it harder than nunchucks
Making you cum, yup
I am one up on all of the rest
Because I do it like I done it
And I did it the best
Sex drive on full throttle
You know what I'm about
What, give a f*ck
If we wake the people in your house up
Yeah, mami so sexual
Don't gotta stretch 'cause them legs so flexible

Pop an X-pill and just f*ck for 5 hours
From the bed to the floor
And the floor to the shower
Dry off a little and it's back to the bed
'Cause she my mamacita
Yo you heard what I said

Holla, yeah, holla (she my, my mamacita)


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