Finally Moving
Lyrics Chris Webby

Pretty lights
I'm just tryna do me, you know
Everybody tells me to do this, do that
But I just keep it movin', you know

The life I was livin' is now finally movin'
Tryna map out my movements, make a new blueprint
But I got a good feeling now
Touch down, feet leavin' the ground, hit 'em with sound
Tryna figure out where my life is headed
Fortune and fame's a step away so I gotta get it
Hope I don't regret it, but I guess we'll see
And the industry tryna do me,
C H to the R.I.S. gotta try hard
I guess with every bar I let outta my mouth
I got people to impress, tryna stay true to me
But at the end of the day I need a cheque
I can't live at my parents house forever
Broke as f*ck, life could be so much better
Everybody tells me that I'm talented and clever
But I still got nothing to show for my endeavors
This is what I live, this is what I breathe
Without hip-hop there be no me
I may have no budget but f*ck it
I don't do it for that, I do it cause I love it
Tryna get the game wrapped up man
It's all I got, no backup plan
These other kids do it for the iTunes cash,
I give it to you for free, it's all love like that
And anybody running they mouth sayin they nicer will shut the f*ck up
When they step into my cipher, dope word writer
On point like the bullet of a sniper
Future looks brighter, still got work to do
Everyday is a grind, yesterday was theirs, but today is mine
So every time I lay a rhyme, I know this is what I'm meant for, sh*t will be fine

(Ooh, sometimes I get a good feeling)
Yeah, I got a good feeling, you know
(Get a feeling, that I never never never never had before)
I don't think I ever felt it, but...
(I get a good feeling, yeah)
Sh*t's gonna start goin' good, you know
Yeah, yeah
(Ooh, sometimes I get a good feeling)
I'm feeling good, what can I say
(Get a feeling, that I never never never never had before
Oh no, I get a good feeling yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Just wanna tell you right now
I get a good feeling)
For real, I'm feeling lovely
(Just wanna tell you right now
I get a good feeling)

Yeah yeah
I know that today is my time
But there's a million other people that's on the same grind
So I gotta separate myself as the best,
I gotta hip-hop beat to the heart in my chest
My lungs breathe music, my veins pump melody
That's why I'm so on point mentally
No one is ahead of me, so I know eventually I'll make it
Even if it's not till I'm seventy,
Rapped for a century, determined to spit
And everything I got in my pocket I'm earnin' it b*tch,
It's been a long hard road just to get where I'm at
Court case and some other bullsh*t don't match,
The stress that I feel you don't know about that
Until I tell it to you through all these eloquent raps,
I'm telling the facts, you don't know Webby like that
I'ma f*ck up and drop out with a felony rap
And though I'm not proud let's get that clear
But I've been through a lot of sh*t
I'm still here, yes I'm still here
Been pedaling for a minute, now it's time to switch gears
Clear skies ahead, I'm an artist to my roots with every god damn line I said
Cruisin', and all this will all be worth it dude
Now relax, cause we finally movin' life

(Ooh, sometimes I get a good feeling)
Get a feeling, that I never never never never had before
I get a good feeling, yeah
Just wanna tell you right now
I get a good feeling
Just wanna tell you right now
I get a good feeling)


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