Does She Love Me?
Lyrics Chiddy Bang

[Verse 1]
Is he moving too fast? Is she moving too slow?
She telling me that I'm silly, but I'm only 2-0
And it sucks that she just want to be friends with me
I try to put her on where I'm at mentally
I'm full of energy
At times I need a remedy
For lack of things that interest me
But still her body is tempting me
She just keep rejecting me
Why she keep stressing me?
Screaming like "Don't touch me b*tch, I don't got leprosy"
Maybe we wasn't meant to be
But I was down Bonnaroo, Tennessee
In the RV, I could shut down a stage
Casey had the veggies on the bus, we smoked a pound of haze
Digress the tree could cause stress
When you feeling a bad b*tch, but she showing you no interest
Sending letters with no address
And she never gon' get it so let it rest

[Hook x2]
Does she love me?
No sir
Does she want me?
No sir
I think she hates me
What has she done for me lately?

[Verse 2]
I'm high with no intent to land
I seem to fall for the girls with the short attention spans
Who just wanna rendezvous
I would take her on a date, to a nice restaurant
But I got too much on my plate
Said I'm here for a day
She hit me three hours late
Found out I left the city, bet she had the sour face
Told her I would kick it with her whenever I return
But that was based on the premise that she was my concern
Searching for serious, life
Then I was fast
Had me speeding on this racetrack, furious
The kinda chick, the flyest n*gga in the school he had her
But eff that, I'm trying to focus on what truly matters
I like em usually bad, always on punishment
Having a conversation, wishing I could punish it
And why the fantasy so far from the truth, huh?
Running in circles playing Duck, Duck, Goose, huh?
We take the sh*t any slower, then we gonna hold up traffic
Only hit the blunt once, then she f*ckin' pass it
I knew we wasn't compatible
Quarterback my feelings to the side, that's a lateral
I wish that I could be satisfied
I wish you would let me have a try
But there's a problem with you and I
Now it's Chi-town, do or die

[Hook x2]
Does she love me?
No sir
Does she want me?
No sir
I think she hates me
What has she done for me lately?


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