When We Were Five
Lyrics Charlene Soraia

I don't see if you are meant for me
Why can't I even talk to you?
And you know that in time I'll declare you're mine,
Until then I just won't talk to you...
Please come back soon...

I watched as you sunk into the moonlight..
I watched as you sunk into the moon...
Don't cry, remember who I am, I broke your heart..
Don't cry, remember who I am - I broke your heart..!

When we were five, we stayed alive, when we were young...

Song facts

"When We Were Five" is a single by Charlene Soraia released on August 9, 2010, the first off her upcoming debut album.

With muted opening bars, intricate chord progressions, flourishes of trumpets and six and a half minutes long, Charlene Soraia's debut single 'When We Were Five' is something special.

Clearly no fan of orthodox methods, Charlene Soraia has created a unique sound with 'When We Were Five'; starting off hushed and soft, it changes completely half way through into sounding like a different track altogether.

After three minutes the rest of the track is an uplifting instrumental filled with trumpets, drums and strings. Lifting up and out of the previous more melancholy sound the track held.