Hero Daddy
Lyrics Bobby Mackey

My little girl once told me
Daddy, you're better than Superman
There is no one in this whole world
Who can do all the things you can
But now she's lying in her bed
Her legs are paralyzed
And her great great hero daddy
Can only cry

Lord, please help me
I ain't no Superman
I'm not at all the hero
My angel thinks I am

You see, she was run down
As she crossed the street to play
And I can't hold back the teardrops
She just turned six today

And the doctors, they say it's hopeless
They can't make her walk again
But you know Lord, she honestly believes
That her hero daddy can

And I just heard her tell her mother
As I stood up beside her door:
"Just wait till daddy gets here
I'll walk, just like before

Yes mommy, daddy can skip a rock on the water at least 10 times
His kite goes way up in the air twice as high as mine
And mommy, daddy can run so fast I couldn't keep up with him
Just wait till daddy gets here
He'll make me walk again"

Lord, please help me
I ain't no Superman
I can't make her walk again
But Lord I know You can

And Lord, she has such faith in me
Like the faith I have in You
So now, why don't You show the world
What faith and love can do?

And you know, I walked into the room
And my little girl touched my hand
And wiggled all ten of her toes
And said "Mommy, ain't my daddy grand?"
But I quickly explained
That it wasn't me or the touch in my hand
But the love from the Lord above
The one and only Superman