Keep It Gee
Lyrics Big Sean

Featuring: 2 Chainz

Boiii, GOOD
So this is what it feels like to make something outta nothing huh?
For a young n*gga to start with nothing and get muthaf*cking rich on ya dumbass
Finally Famous

[Hook: Big Sean]
B*tch, my life is nothin' but a G thing
Pick up a 100 G's, take off a G-string
Clique full of G's and some bad-ass b*tches
Oh, your ear to the streets? Okay, well, holla if you hear us
I keep it G, I keep it G, I keep it G, I keep it G
I keep it, I keep it, I keep it
I keep it G [repeated]

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Okay, my life is nothin' but a G thang
Pick up 100 G's, take off a G-string
Oh, Jesus, they love me to pieces
Got up in the game cause I was tired of the bleachers
Get rich, repeat it, taste it, I'm delish'
Lookin' so good she put me on her f*ck for free list
I turn her on 'fore I go in
I swear that pussy keyless
I might let her ride the mic and let her friend come get the remix
Oh boy you do it
Rollin' rich n*gga weed (rich n*gga weed)
With a rich n*gga b*tch (rich n*gga b*tch)
I'm ridin' 'round the city, in a rich n*gga whip
Yea a n*gga paid a grip, for all this rich n*gga sh*t
And all these bad hoes, they want a rich n*gga's dick
O God, this life is such a blessin'
See I smoke 'til I can't smoke no more and drink is no exception
Man these crazy n*ggas crazy, n*gga when you gon' learn yo lesson
They won't talk sh*t about you plaques, but they gon' talk when you are restin'
Man, so f*ck 'em


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
10 Ben Franklins, n*gga, that's a G homie
Flash the pinky ring, baby you can ski on it
Put it in your uterus, U-Haul, I move the sh*t
Baby I'm a shark and these rappers taste like tuna fish
Look at this, movie with no movie script
I die real, do this sh*t
Just bought an old-school so that's my newest whip
Cartiers on, I can see all through the sh*t
I spell southside with an F that stand for foolishness
F*ck that sh*t, f*ck with us, we'll have you in some luxury
I need a stash pot for a couple keys
When I'm in the Gucci store, I spend some G's to wear some G's
If you is a sucker, I'm a charger, where's the sucker fee?
Luckily, smoking on that vote for me, Presidential evidence
Truck so big, I can't park it at my residence
Wallet so big, I can't put it in my back pocket
Soon as her ass dropping, the cash dropping


[Verse 3: Big Sean]
I deserve congrats (Why?)
I turned my old car into a new
My basement into a presidential view
One into two, a milli to a few
N*ggas want to see me fall off, ah sh*t
I'll fall off and turn into you
F*ck around, turn this peace sign to a piece
Tool Time: now you learn to muthaf*ckin' screw
I feel like slappin' a ho
Keep a bad b*tch at the passenger door
Never ever break these broads off a lil'
Once you give 'em something they be askin' for more
If I run out then I'm snatchin' up yours
Man I remain a quadruple-triple OG, triple OG, triple OG
And that's a sign that I'm a made n*gga that's fasho