Live From The Underground
Lyrics Big K.R.I.T.

Pushin' rhymes underground like moonshine
With jump like juke joints
Ridin' like old 'lacs
Down like 4 flats
Shine like gold grills
Curls and chrome rims
B*tch you know what it is
I'm live from the underground, underground
Live from the underground, underground
Underground, underground
Live from the underground railroad

[Verse 1]
My papa told me get paper, motherf*ck a hater
Them J's look clean son but elevate to gators
I took that sh*t to heart plus I dug it like a crater
I'm givin' out game player are there any takers
While you was quarter sackin' I was quarterbackin'
Callin' plays everyday, level All-Madden
Hi five, cloud nine, private jet lackin'
Treat the seal like a vinyl record, gotta keep it crackin'
Shall I pour up, blow some smoke up, get my spit on
Grab a paper, sit on a track and get my sh*t on
Ice cold water with the flow minus the lemon
I'm Cinematic Multi, what label you been on
Old school ridin' flickin' ashes in the tray
Smokin' up the booth blowin' static in they face
C.R.E.A.M., cash rules everything around me
King, checker board n*gga go and crown me


[Verse 2]
Keep it rolled, I'm supposed to lose control
Oh no, pop the trunk, burn a skunk and slam a do', do'
Window crack on the ave, marinate the scene
When I lean and crawl couldn't see me with your high beams
Play my part, I got heart, I'm tailor gator sharp
Plus we sit taller than Malta trucks in them trailer park
My candy coated it cost a grip but I had to blow it
Your sides was dusty, my seats is bucket but you'll never know it
Forever tinted so you can't peep while your b*tch up in it
You call her phone she give you tone like "Why you trippin'"
Cold blooded ain't it but that's how it be when they want that cash
When you ain't around anybody can be in that ass
Heard that from 8-Ball homeboy girlfriend
If she a bopper then she probably ain't your girl then
You claim you pimpin' don't be trickin' wear a curl then
And find some paint to put some swirls in


[Outro (x4)]
We goin' live
From the underground
From the underground
From the underground


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