Lyrics Big K.R.I.T.

Ayy... Ayy what up folk, I'm focused man...
I been doing this for a lil' while now
I had some mixtapes out, did my thang...
I ain't really had the opportunity I think
To speak from my heart, man like really just express myself,
So I'ma give it to em as long as I can,
I ain't counting bars, so don't expect no hook...

Lord I been trying all these years,
And I ain't never had a thing to say
Did it by myself not a soul here to motivate me, my family was cool
But when times got hard they was like f*ck this rap sh*t
Go get yourself a job, I thank god that when the run-in's with the law
While I was riding with my folk and there was dope in the car
Momma forgive me I was in it for a minute,
I was tired of 'em talking bout my shoes and my fitted,
"G-Rod" got killed and I shed a couple tears
Trying to forget that he's gone,
Just remember that in here, remember that it clear
And where he at it's good, yea my n*gga dead,
But at least he out the hood
I'd leave if I could, that's what I plan to do,
These n*ggas talk a lot, remind me of high school,
But I thank you for your hating, appreciate the rumors
If you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser lord
No money, more problems that's just how it is,
I lost another homeboy, that's just how it is,
He told me "Little coz don't trip on these n*ggas",
I said "F*ck that, I' gonna get paper and sh*t on these n*ggas,
Rip on these n*ggas"
Don't speak when I pass you, they sold 'cuz they wanted to,
We sold 'cuz we had to
Bills don't pay themselves my n*gga, hell naw!
I'm about money that's what I'm trying to tell ya,
Moms and pops I promise that I won't fail y'all, my sh*t jam
It's only right that I outsell y'all,
I dedicate my life to this music,
I dropped out of college 'cuz my life is this music,
Next n*gga out the 'Sip, really can't tell me sh*t,
The beats spoke to me when the books couldn't tell me sh*t
I wake up like another day another headache,
My purpose gets no clearer as I'm staring in this mirror,
Wash my face and my ass and hit the slab hard
If I don't say sh*t all day, n*gga I thank god,
For another breath, yes for another step,
In the right or wrong direction still it's for a progress
Moving at pace that can't be seen, scraping everything,
Yea my pockets is fat because my stature lean,
I got a mean team and they will see you dearly
The only way they show respect if I make 'em feel me,
I mean that sincerely
I keep more beef than chili for anxious haters
Waiting, plotting, praying out to kill me,
Why the f*ck I gotta live like this momma?
All the setback's make me feel like this momma,
Another southern rapper yea I bet it label
Two of my best friends Patron and Cuervo at my table we sit and talk
Millions with some hope that we can speak it to existence hah
It's certain universal laws we abide by,
The dealer lives on but a child dies in the drive by,
Titans collide and blocks go to war with no earthly idea
What the f*ck we fighting for,
I paint pictures of this concrete jungle
Where the lions make deals with the hunters,
Snitch n*ggas kool aid heart pump b*tch n*ggas,
Under pressure write a whole f*ckin' list n*gga please
I'm fighting demons like Constantine,
Constantly trying to take what belongs to me
But I review you n*ggas, follow 'suit n*gga,
If the convo ain't about money then I mute n*ggas sh*t,
I'm focused folk, you can quote this folk
I'm about to swarm the game like locust folk, they choking folk,
Guess it's hard to swallow,
If I leave the 'Sip then hell yea they'll follow
I talked to the father, he tells me
"Be real, nevermind what they want son. Just say what you feel",
I'm knowing that the deals nowadays are some bullsh*t
Anything less than a mil' is some bullsh*t,
Because I know what I'm worth
Don't need a n*gga to tell me... sh*t!
Music alone no gimmick, need a n*gga to sell me
I'm here!! K.R.I.T