I Ain't Shit
Lyrics Big K.R.I.T.

Never a flaw

"Go on get out of here with you goddamn philosophies and your judgments...
Who the hell do you think you are?
You're a loser, you ain't sh*t... You're a goddamn..."

[Verse 1]
OK, not a moment to waste, taste the hunger on my breath
I heard somewhere that stress was bad for my health
I ain't dead yet, pathetic maybe, my girl shady
Say "I ain't stable", so she don't wanna have my baby
It's kinda crazy, indeed she feels he'll be
A mothaf*ckin' threat like me, why not? I ain't that bad
My playa pizzazz was good enough to flip, smack and f*ck her ass
But I think I'll pass on the goo goos and gah gahs
Rather f*ck hoes that shake they ass like maracas
I think, she think I'm no good, got it from her mama
She always starting some sh*t, I think that b*tch is drama
We never get along until I'm pulling on her thong
While I'm digging in her skin, ask me "why I do her wrong?"
C'mon love let's do it one more time
You bound to get yours so I gots to get mine
Sing her a lullaby in the sheets, so that ass can go to sleep
While I plot and creep on paying rent this week
Might have to slang some d*ck to this lonely chick
Got a Benz kinda fat, but she got big tits..

I ain't sh*t, I think they wanna see me fail,
Laid out, played out full of shells, man I ain't sh*t
I'm hollering f*ck a job for real,
I think I might rob and steal, man I ain't sh*t
Shawty homegirl like "leave that dude," why she trippin'?
I f*cked her too, man I ain't sh*t
I'm out here on my last dime, I think I play Xbox to pass time,
I ain't sh*t...

[Verse 2]
All I got is dreams of cream and mad green
Smoke 'til I pass out, live life supreme
Cartier frame Polo no stain
Still keep that heater underneath the wood-grain
Puerto Rican mamis that massage my body
Feed me fruit, suck me off in groups, call me papi
I was playa loungin', champagne drinkin'
Another hour woke up, f*ck wishful thing
Eyes full of crust, roll the blunt, shower up
Burn it down, what now call my n*gga Buck
Asked him "What's the move?", tell me what's the play?
I'm down for the caper just tell me where they stay
The ski mask way, never beg a borrow
If it go good today do the same sh*t tomorrow
For real, f*ck what you think that's how it is
Plotting on robbing n*ggas while I'm watching Cribs... I ain't sh*t!