Success Is The Best Revenge!
Lyrics Blood On The Dance Floor

I'm a killer
A chiller
A bonafied thriller
Open you up
Like a bottle of miller
Drink but don't hate
Kiss and just taste
Got it burning like heat
With the OMFG
What the f*ck
B*tch please
You can get on both knees
That's the only time you're good for me
Lick it up
Suck it down
Stomp your heart
Into the ground
Fall apart
And start to drown
I'm the elite
With the crown

They would kill to see me fall
Because I have it all
They would kill to see me fall
Because I have it all

F*ck f*ck f*ck you
And all your bullsh*t
F*ck f*ck f*ck you and all your drama b*tch

Just f*ck you
Just f*ck you!
Success is the best revenge

Here we are back on top
Here we are we'll never stop
We stand; indestructible
Defeating us? Impossible!
Posting blogs
Like you do
Replace the "f*ck"
With "thank you"
Talk your trash
You make me laugh
We have the thing
You wish you had
Let it sink in
Here we are
Back again
Harder faster
Better longer
Push us down
We get stronger
Doesn't matter
What we do
Raise our glass
Now here's to you

Glad that you think we give a f*ck
Cuz if you do
Sorry cunt
You're out of luck
Here we are living it up
And where are you?
That's what I thought.

Hate me
Or shake me
You'll never f*cking break me

Build a damn bridge and get the f*ck over yourself


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