Inject Me Sweetly
Lyrics Blood On The Dance Floor

Featuring: Jeffree Star

[Dahvie ]
Craving makes it tastes sweeter
Makes me push deeper
I'm not a f*cking tease
I'm only here to please

[Jeffree Star]
I don't play hard to get
I play to get your hard
I f*ck to get you off
That's why my name is
Jeffree Star

Everything that taste good
Isn't always healthy
Just take a lick b*tch
I'm poison, f*cking deadly

[Jeffree Star]
Injections, erections
Pleasers and seizers

[Dahvie + Jeffree Star]
Abuse and misuse 

On this drug
I can't refuse

[Team Fierce!]

Hey baby, inject me sweetly
Let me bleed through your veins
Hey baby, inject me sweetly
Gonna drive you insane

I'm the highest ecstasy
Your sickest std

[Jeffree Star]
The strongest drug
That you hate to love

[Team Fierce]
Hey baby, inject me sweetly...

[Jeffree Star]
Inject me sweetly...

It's the best you'll ever have
No needle, or a pill
No hallucination
Cause it's everything you feel
You want on top
Or underneath?
Want some more?

[Jeffree Star]
Pretty please! Pulses throbbing
Heads are spinning
My overdose is beginning

Without it
I'm ill
I'm dying
It kills
I need my fill

Just give it to me

[Jeffree Star]
I don't want anything
It's just what I need
Please don't make me beg

Just give it to me

[Jeffree Star]
Baby inject me sweetly!


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