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Lyrics Asher Roth

Yeah, what's up everybody?
My name's Asher Roth
And this is the Greenhouse Effect
I'll be your host for this evening
I brought a couple friends
Some of 'em you might know
But let's start the show

I got this thing, sorta like King's dream,
A feeling of instinct
A vision that's in sync with everything
I think that if I just rhyme, take one day at a time
Don't miss the blink of an eye,
Gotta stay positive
Isn't it common as your common sense?
Ready to die under rhyme and sense
I should have been more wise with the time I spent
If I could make up my mind I'd be dominant
But this rap thing is Russian roulette
One bullet, don't pull it, don't do it
So stupid, 'cause once you gone you won't come back
This is life, one chance to prove your ass
That's why I'm spendin' every second, every breath I get to rev it
If I live to never say that I was not a threat,
A lethal weapon better yet, a menace with aggression
Press that red button, every rep that said I'm nothin'

Now let's start the show
A break from the old
I came here to go
To the top of the globe
Yeah, Ash 'bout to blow
In case you ain't know
I'm new on the set
Stay tuned for what's next
The Greenhouse Effect
You know


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