Rick Smits
Lyrics Asher Roth

Part time problem, full time nonchalant
A stone flow, better known as Ash Roth
Went from Ramen to rhyming
Now I'm on top of the charts
Who would of thought them thoughts was cash crops
Ya'll can eat my almonds
All of ya'll that who thought that I was soft
And didn't know that the jaw was Bradshaw
Yeah, Pittsburg steeler than wheels they scratch on
My fault that I feel I'm the realest in rap dog
Black Thought, mixed with a kid ripping on Falkor
More like Rik spits spin without using a backboard
Nick swish, flip switch, when I get into rap form
That's pure glory what else would I f*cking rap for?
All the girls, glitz, and glow eventually goes
And I know and I'd only end up in an elephant's nose
In some trunk, trunk of a truck f*cked in the butt
By some drug smuggling thug I met in the club
F*ck that, smoking blunts with a couple of buds
Bust a bunch of upper cuts when I'm up on a Just Blaze beat
They blame me when I blaze these trees
While they prescribe pills for the ADD
Like the enemy is energy
Let them be athletic
Yeah don't think they any better
Cause they're getting Bs instead of Cs
Look at what they try and teach
Give them what they want to read
Personally my favorite one is Jimmy and the giant peach
Why wouldn't I try to reach a level that they kinda see
Seen as condescending that you overlook the obvious
Asher Roth a lobbyist for teaching as a hobby
Tell the kids to speak their mind and to think of what they wanna
If you want to smoke some juana just to get it out you outta
Cause everything you wanted isn't coming from your momma
Or a daughter
Same thing if you believe in God or karma
No matter how you're brought up we'll be in it all tomorrow
You got it?


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