Muddy Swim Trunks
Lyrics Asher Roth

One day, I'm gonna say something really impressive

Hey yo quick life lesson, never touch a man's (god damn)
While he's resting or while he's bench pressing
Hanging out with Pan, playing flutes for affection
Hoping to seduce so I use this erection
Uh, viewer discretion, sex drug reference
Smoking all your weed, about a quarter pound of headies

Stroking on your sheets while you organize the wedding
Flowing on the beat, got to fortify my sentences
Yeah strengthen my oratory weapons
Forget the pen, Emerson in a second
Past life present, shots is like deafening
Heard around the world like the Giants won the pennant

Ain't no need to get defensive
Like Revis for the Jets or Arenas when he bets
I was messing, please don't be so aggressive
You wasting T-cells when you hating on my flesh and blood
Don't be mad that this rap's my profession
And I go to class in the same clothes I slept in

And watch hoes arm wrestle while I'm reffing
Over the top, psych, nah, mic checking, uh
Just you wait until we get to the intestine
That real sh*t, Ms. Frizz kind of life lesson
Magic School Bus type riding on the record
The science of the mind, I am highly interested

No religion, if I did it would be Buddha
Or maybe Hindu, cause Ganesha is remova
Of everything that is pseudo
And that's including you know
Losers starting rumors that I'm similar to Bruno
Cool, yo, that doesn't bother me a tiny bit
I'm confident, I'll take it as a compliment

Anonymous nonsense, well, that's time spent
I'm too wild, trying to take it on back to '9-6
Illadelph halflife, all eyes have been nixed
Beats, rhymes and life and stakes is high sh*t
It was written in the scriptures, A-T-Liens exist
By Iron Man and Dr. Octagonecologist

So quit it with your Cristal sipping, whack spitting
That's finished that instant that Asher Roth steps in
Admit it, that kid is bad with it, fast-witted, tactic
Too brash to ask critics cause
They just bums, disgrunts who couldn't cut it
So they judging others on how to do something
But f*ck it, I ain't trusting nothing but my gut

Try anything once except for f*cking up the butt
And hugging on the nuts of some owner of some buzz-nuss
All for some bucks and some buzz cause, tut tut
I'll be doing this just for fun stuff (like what?)
Jumping in the mud in my swim trunks


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