Lyrics Asher Roth

Homie I'm the wrong one to f*ck with
Better call the sub it was all about the love
But now I'm straight nun-chucking
Yeah it's such a shame when I see these young bucks
Get an itty-bitty buzz but can't even bite a couplet
D cup sucking, titties in my face
Hit it 50 different ways while I'm f*cking
Chicken wing clucking, blowing getting dizzy on my trumpet,
when we get it done making sure she gets tucked in
Yeah f*ck the mush sh*t pure bread Labrador,
Rapping rabit habit ash back from sabbatical
Dag nabit that cat stacks is a mouthful
Had to snap back rat traps in my household
Now I fly south no doubt, yea I'm out, yo
Kinda Kenny Powers hangin' out with the Gauchos
God roals, eatin' nachos and gazpacho
On the couch slob kicking off my zapatos
Hablo, nah couldn't find no good cop
So had to cop from the crops in Colorado
Almo got the bribe tho from the Five-O
Thank you very much oh Mr. Roboto
Throw it outside don't you know I go oppo?
Doc pro, diggin' the own short stop flow?
Madonna so hot she used to make cock grow
Then she got gross wouldn't let me adopt so,
Vato, put a sock in it make the stop yo
Nah bro, never tell I'm resting in Morocco,
Rocco's modern life isn't so hot so
Doing what I like is my motto let em know
Should have starred in Desperado, whatever yo
Sort of look like Johnny Bravo, there you go
Shout out Anthony Gustaudo, yo