DOA Freestyle
Lyrics Asher Roth

The only rapper to be an elementary school teacher,
Ash is back, suck my caldersack,
That goes for all those who pose like Spence Pratt,
Whacks that can't rap but think there the sh*t,
When I'm hanging out in Vegas, making out with ya sis,
Ahh, f*ck reality shows, its sad to see the tragedy reality shows,
Reality that rap ain't going platinum no more,
So I have to find a an avenue with rapping before,
I got a warm fuzzy feelin when I flappin the flow,
Started with a cold, chillin in the (?)
Now they tapping my phone because Im racking up doe,
And because Asher is a factor they be at my back-door,
Dialogue with Viacom, playing Xbox with Megan Fox,
Call of duty I fire bomb entire squads, AR's and Uzi's,
Riots on insider wars, beyond movies, (?)

I'd rather lose than fire shots, I power this youth,
Who'd rather shoot then try and talk and get to the truth,
You know I'm routing my troops to keep trouping,
We started a revolution simply through good music,
Get used to it dufus and do new sh*t,
You Reese Witherspoon is clueless,
Oh sh*t, I'm silver stoned excuse me,
Keep getting loose and Syracuse is so soothing,
But don't confuse me, my jersey still say A Roth,
Or AKA never take a day off,
Since Bernie Madoff, the banks would pay of,
Our friends and our fans are the ones laid off,
It's work and no play, salad and no steak,
75 days straight with no break, ahh
Pysche, I be chillin be watching Ellen,
Feeding little kids lemons watch there face start swelling up,
Suck it up, pucker up, buttercup,
When enough is enough,
Nip tuck it in the butt,
Cos our asses are assets,
Ash is invested in masses of massive,
Ashes to ashes,
Ash is the master of ceremony no lonely island
Phoney flowin tho I'm on da boat (muthaf-cker)

In north Cadillac, on the fourth hour shaft,
My boy drinks Cris champagne off a ass,
I just laugh cos it's actually true,
You don't believe that check it out on Youtube,
Point a cam in the hand see the man bran dang,
Check rex in the decks while he chase after sex,
This one's for funk flex,
And the greenhouse effect volume 2 is the truth,
Got my penis erect,

Don't act like you're not impressed.