In The Twilight
Lyrics Alex Ebert

Written by: Alex Ebert

Produced by: Alex Ebert

She said, "You're terrible at stayin',
Probably better that you're goin',
All the love that you have stolen is a crime"
But I don't wanna lean on your piece of glass, just to fly.

She said, "You're always looking inside, why not reaching outside,
Put some focus on a picture perfect wife."
I said, "The earth is turning 'round, you know,
The wind is changing also,
Don't you think the same laws might apply to life?"

But I don't wanna lean on your wedding bell
Fare thee well
I'll remain your friend till we meet again
In the twilight

I said, "Everything is blurry,
I almost can't tell you apart from all the other girls
Except you don't complain."
She said, "Better fix your vision but I prefer the precision,
Of everybody looking much the same".

But I don't wanna lean on your paper back,
Let's turn the page.
I will cheer you on till your game dissolves
In the twilight.

Oh, Magdalene, I love you
You think I'm insane
Well I'm leaving on evening's train, aha
Hey Madonna, do the honors and pray for the day.

Is the sun so selfish, because it will set now?
Is the wind a jerk because it change?
Would you call the earth an asshole
For turning 'round and round you know,
It never ever stays in just one place.
Now if I'm not mistaken, the natural equation would be,
You and I as best of friends for life.
Cross all your lines and numbers,
And wake up from the slumber
Into a dream of neither day or night.

I don't wanna lean on your wedding bell,
Fare thee well.
I'll remain your friend till we meet again,
In the twilight
In the twilight.


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