Album lyrics XV

Release date: July 2006

"Complex" is XV's debut album, released in 2006 by Royalty Records.

"The title 'COMPLEX' was created when I was trying to describe my album to Bling. It was like being told to describe a three-dimensional piece in two-dimensional form. The title also reflects a characteristic carried amongst most prodigies. I feel the most abstract and idealistic people in the world are complex, because there's so many different layers to them. Albert Einstein was complex, Picasso was complex, Tupac was complex. This album is basically my search for clarity. With 13-tracks laced with thought-provoking, clever and sometimes cocky lyrical content, my search seems to come to a happy medium. With fresh and original topics varying from stereotyping to the differences in urban and suburban america. COMPLEX is my first major album." - XV


  • 1.Feels Like The First Time
  • 2.You Got Me
  • 3.Give You Everything
  • 4.Cruise
  • 5.X To The V
  • 6.Dream Killers
  • 7.King Of The City
  • 8.Other Side Of Town
  • 9.Stare & Whisper
  • 10.Boy From Kansas
  • 11.Song For You
  • 12.Well, Hello
  • 13.When I Dream