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Release date: February 2012

WZRD is the self-titled debut studio album of American alternative rock duo WZRD, consisting of recording artist Kid Cudi and record producer Dot da Genius. The album was released on February 28, 2012 via Universal Republic Records, Wicked Awesome Records and HeadBanga Muzik Group.

At a private listening session in Los Angeles, Dot da Genius acknowledged that he originally wanted to record the album in the best possible studio they could be in, but Cudi interjected saying he believed the album needed a raw and gritty feel which led to recording on the tour bus and at his home. "I could have spent tons of money hiring the best people to do everything, but that's not what I'm about". The album features no profanity, however Kid Cudi didn't originally intend to record the album in that manner: "I didn't write this album with the goal of not cursing. It just happened. When you have important things to say you don't need to swear," Cudi informed the crowd. Although the album will not receive an explicit warning, Best Buy posed a challenge as they did try to claim it contained cursing because of the word "pussies" in the song "Upper Room". "Pussies is a word used when talking about multiple cats," Cudi told the crowd, "My daughter watches Puss in Boots, it's not a swear word". Cudi said he had writer's block for almost 5 months because of his new sobriety, something that had never happened to him for such an extended period of time.


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