Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge
Album lyrics Tuomas Holopainen

Release date: April 2014

Music Inspired By The Life And Times of Scrooge is the first solo album by Nightwish songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, released on April 11, 2014 through Nuclear Blast Records. The album is based on the Walt Disney graphic novel "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", written and illustrated by Don Rosa. Guest vocalists include Johanna Kurkela, Johanna Iivanainen, Alan Reid and Tony Kakko. Fellow Nightwish member Troy Donockley also features on the album. The album was produced by Tuomas Holopainen and mixed by Tero Kinnunen at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki.

"It was back in 1999, during the Oceanborn tour, that I remember first having the idea of writing a "soundtrack" to my all-time favorite piece of Disney comic, The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck, by Don Rosa, the apparent heir of the almighty Carl Barks. This book has had such an overwhelming effect on me throughout these years, and finally I have the means and the time to make that dream a reality. [...] This is a book about life itself. What an unfathomable privilege it is, what are the things that truly matter during our existence. It's about the immense beauty of the world and its possibilities seen through the eyes of a very relentless, honest and complex character. It's about love and family, gain and loss, darkness and rebirth. And on top of that, well, it's just your good old fashioned storytelling fun!" - Tuomas Holopainen on the origins of the Scrooge project


Album cover

Tuomas Holopainen Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge album cover