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Release date: September 2011

Major/Minor is the seventh studio album released by the American rock band Thrice. The album was released on September 6, 2011 through Vagrant Records.

Thrice entered Red Bull Studios in early May 2011 with producer Dave Schiffman. The group had previously worked with Schiffman on 2005's Vheissu as an audio engineer, and on 2009's Beggars as a mixer. When Thrice presented Schiffman with the demos they had been working on, his initial reaction was that the group was trying to make a grunge album. According to vocalist Dustin Kensrue, this was not their intention, and the finished product after production sounded "kind of bigger and meaner than the demos."

Both musically and production-wise, the group's previous album Beggars was a "stripped-down" record, and Thrice wanted Major/Minor to sound "bigger and in-your-face" without sounding "smashed and oversaturated." Dustin Kensrue also noted that Schiffman joined the album process later than a producer normally would to help record an album, and that his input was minimal. During an interview with Alternative Press, he said: "We had him come down to our practice space when all the songs were kind of being played and he just kind of listened through and talked about them and made a couple changes based on little things said here or there, but it was really minimal in that regard. He was mostly just bringing his experience as an engineer and mixer, just knowing how to get the sounds nailed down. We're really comfortable with him."


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Thrice Major/Minor album cover