The Way Of The Vaselines: A Complete History
Album lyrics The Vaselines

Release date: May 1992

The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History is a compilation album by the indie rock band The Vaselines. The album was released May 1, 1992, by the record label Sub Pop.

The album compiles all tracks from their two previous EP's (Son of a Gun and Dying For It) and only LP record (Dum-Dum), in chronological order of release, with the exception of the previously unreleased track "Bitch", which is inserted after what was the third track on Dum-Dum.

The band had broken up two years before the album was released and had never gained a huge following. However, covers of their songs by Nirvana had brought new exposure to the band. This exposure prompted Sub Pop to put together this compilation of previous releases by the band.

The song "Molly's Lips" was named in tribute to Molly Weir, a well known and much loved Scottish Television personality.