Album lyrics The Sunny Cowgirls

Release date: January 2010

"Summer" is the fourth studio album from Australian country duo The Sunny Cowgirls, released in January 2010.

"It's a happy, fun album full of good times and good feelings. We love our lives and we love this country, and that's what we've tried to capture in the songs," Celeste said.

The characters of country Australia are again very much in evidence on this album, from the perennial bachelor of "Born to Be Single" to the tough shearer with a heart of gold depicted in "Soft as Wool" and the hard-working truckie of "Killalottametres" (a song inspired, incidentally, by Sophie and Celeste's truckdriver father).

The girls' irrepressible spirit also comes to the fore on Summer, with songs like  "Naughty Side" and full-on party songs like "Get On It" and "Bags Not Driving". There's also a glimpse into the contemporary world of dating in Celeste's "Not My Guy" and Sophie's "Bee Sting".

The delightful "Good Spot Here" is Celeste's tribute to one of her favourite parts of rural Victoria and the exquisite "12 Trees", recorded as a duet with Sara Storer, is a reflection on returning home to the bush from a life in the city and connecting with childhood memories. Sophie's breathtaking and beautifully crafted "Remedy", a bitter-sweet ballad of longing and "Rock Star", a perceptive observation of a life on the land and the conflict between responsibility to one's family and a desire to escape are firm evidence that both Cowgirls have evolved into formidable wordsmiths.

"We write about what we know, and we write from our hearts. The reason our music connects with people is because we've lived the songs and the country life. We are fortunate to be able to do both the things we love – live in the bush and still write and sing our music."

"We know how lucky we are, and our music is a celebration of Australia and the amazing way of life we have." Sophie said.