Dust Will Settle
Album lyrics The Sunny Cowgirls

Release date: August 2008

"Dust Will Settle" is the third studio album from Australian country duo The Sunny Cowgirls, released in 2008.

Speaking about the album, Sophie said: "This is our best yet.[...] I'm excited and also a little nervous about it. This time around we've tried to steer a bit of a different course. Perhaps as we get older the songs are not so lighthearted, they're more grown up. I hope they realise it's still us, the same girls."

Produced by Graham Thompson, who has one of the country's best strike rates, Dust Will Settle is an elastic album that rolls out and over you. It concludes with a classic, though underheard, 60s hit that he suggested the girls work up as a duet with their mentor Adam Brand. Someday was a 1966 top ten solo hit by Tony Barber, guitarist for the original hit lineup of Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (He'd also penned that group's first hit, Blue Day). "Someday is a super-fun song to sing," confirms Sophie. "It's always hard work but we really look forward to touring – to see what our audience gives back to us. I do find it hard to find time to write on the road, it gets stressful, but once we have the songs done all we want to do is play them to people. We get asked if we're looking to go overseas and, while I guess I'm curious about Nashville and maybe going there to suss it out, there's no real urge because the people we play to here can be so incredible."