Digital Veil
Album lyrics The Human Abstract

Release date: March 2011

Digital Veil is the third studio album by American heavy metal band The Human Abstract. The album was released on March 8, 2011 through E1 Music. Digital Veil marks the return of founding guitarist A.J. Minette, who left in 2007 after the touring cycle for Nocturne and continued his education in classical music. He was also trying to avoid being "pigeonholed as a metal guitarist." According to bassist Henry Selva, Minette also brought back a level of discipline to the band that was absent during the Midheaven sessions. "Digital Veil" also means the introduction of the new lead vocalist Travis Richter, who replaced former vocalist Nathan Ells.

The Human Abstract took time away from their touring schedule in June 2009 to write their third studio album. While writing was underway, drummer Brett Powell contacted A.J. Minette who accepted to get back with the band for the new material. The schooling that Minette received during his time spent outside of The Human Abstract had a strong impact on his writing for Digital Veil. Minette said that, "It has been exciting to write metal music again. We all want to make something that we can believe in, so we all have been digging deeper to become better musicians and composers. I wanted to take my classical studies and apply them to metal, but I did not want it to turn out sounding like power metal."

Travis Richter officially began writing for Digital Veil after formally joining the band and flying to Los Angeles, California on February 1, 2010. While he still retains his more aggressive vocal stylings from his previous projects, Richter also showcases his singing on the album. In his youth he grew up singing in a choir for a southern Baptist church. The Human Abstract's music was far more technical and complex than anything from Richter's background, which resulted in some initial acclimation and adjustments for this new setting. The lyrics written for Digital Veil discuss "ideas about identity, personal transformation and purpose."

The first single off the album, titled "Faust," was released digitally on November 16, 2010. Prior to the release of Digital Veil on March 8 2011, The Human Abstract previewed online two additional songs: "Patterns" was available on January 18, and "Complex Terms" was available on February 15. A promotional music video for the title track "Digital Veil" directed by Scott Hansen was also released in February 2011.


Album cover

The Human Abstract Digital Veil album cover