Album lyrics The Exchange

Release date: November 06, 2015

Label: Save The City Records

Produced by: Brooks Paschal

Compass is the debut studio album by pop-rock band The Exchange, released on November 6, 2015 through Seattle-based Save The City Records and distributed by Provident Distribution, a division of Sony Music. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Brooks Paschal at Mockingbird Studios in Tyler, Texas.

The story behind the record is about "where we find our home and identify. We always hear the saying that Home is where the heart lives". Psalm 38:14 says that the Lord is 'close" to the broken hearted, downtrodden and the least of these.' If God makes his home among those people, then that is where I want my heart to be, where I want my proverbial compass to point. 'If home is where the heart lives, then my home is where you are. With the beaten, bruised and downcast, the ones broken from the start". – The Exchange


Album cover

The Exchange Compass album cover