Hold Fast
Album lyrics The Crookes

Release date: July 09, 2012

Label: Fierce Panda Records

Produced by: Matthew Peel

Hold Fast is the second studio album by English indie pop band, The Crookes, released on July 9, 2012 through Fierce Panda Records. The album was written almost entirely whilst the band was careering around Europe in their tour van throughout 2011's Summer and Autumn. It was produced by Matthew Peel.

Daniel Hopewell was inspired to title the album Hold Fast after a late night conversation the band had with friend Richard Hawley, in which Hawley explained to them that "...sailors used to tattoo 'Hold Fast' across their knuckles...they couldn't hear each other speak because of all the gunshots, but they [had] tattooed 'Hold Fast' [on their hands] and they'd grip onto their oars and keep going, and eventually all the blood would drain from their hands, but the message would still be there [visible] in ink. And I just thought it was such a fantastic metaphor for being in a band, for sticking it out and keeping going that it seemed the most perfect song choice and title choice for this album."


Album cover

The Crookes Hold Fast album cover