Anything EP
Album lyrics The Cranberries

Release date: January 1990

Anything is the first demo EP of the Irish band The Cranberry Saw Us, later known as The Cranberries. It was self-released in cassette format. This is the only release to feature the original singer Niall Quinn. By their next release, Water Circle, Niall Quinn had been replaced by Dolores O'Riordan as lead vocalist and primary songwriter.

Guitarist Noel Hogan designed the cover art. He made an error in the band's name, spelling it "The Cranbery Saw Us" on both the cover and the liner notes. The liner notes show the original sale price was £2.00 and overwritten with £2.50. There are no surnames mentioned in the liner notes.


1. "Throw Me Down a Big Stairs"
2. "How's It Going To Bleed"
3. "Storm In a Teacup"
4. "Good Morning God"