OK Calculator
Album lyrics TV On The Radio

Release date: June 2002

OK Calculator is an album from TV on the Radio which they self-released in 2002. The album's title alludes to Radiohead's album OK Computer.

"We made this disc OK Calculator and left it in cafes and just different places. Just 24 tracks of four-track stuff. And that's on-line now. We sold a few of them on our first tour, a couple, but then the CD burner broke, etc. That's on-line and someone wrote about it as "the extremely rare but superb OK Calculator" and I'm sitting there going, "Are you kidding me?" Rare, yeah, rare because we're making them ourselves, and superb, that's not up to us, but it's not superb. (laughs) I'd be the first person to tell you. There's more hiss on some of those songs than there are songs. And it's fun, and I love it, but I wouldn't call it superb." - Tunde Adebimpe, in a 2004 Downhill Battle interview