The Lonely Position Of Neutral
Album lyrics TRUSTcompany

Release date: July 2002

The Lonely Position of Neutral is Trust Company's debut album. It was released on July 22, 2002 internationally and a day later in the United States; a version including two bonus tracks was released on February 19, 2003. The Lonely Position is Trust Company's most successful to date and was certified gold for sales in excess of 500,000 copies. The track "Drop To Zero" was also known as "The Lonely Position of Neutral" back when they were known as 41down, and was later remade for this album.

The album's lead single, "Downfall," gained the band its breakthrough popularity for both its infectious melody and unusual music video. The track reached number 6 on both the Mainstream Rock Tracks and Modern Rock Tracks charts, and earned a spot, at number 91, on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. The video features frontman Kevin Palmer walking down a street leaving everything he walks past being blown by a massive gust of wind. It found significant airplay on MTV2. A second single arrived in "Running From Me," which had more modest popularity. Its video features the band wearing strange masks and unveiling them in the pouring rain.