Where In The World
Album lyrics Sylvia

Release date: December 2001

Where in the World is the seventh album by country singer Sylvia, released on December 19, 2001 by Red Pony, her own record label.

Where In The World marks the culmination of an 11-year musical collaboration between Sylvia and co-producer/instrumentalist John Mock. John's musicianship transforms this "solo" album into a series of duets featuring him on a variety of instruments ranging from guitar and mandolin to uilleann pipes. Another shaping force is songwriter Craig Bickhardt. He penned four of the eleven songs, including the title cut. Craig has recorded, co-written and performed with Sylvia since 1984.

Where In The World follows Sylvia's 1996 release, The Real Story. Both productions, released on Sylvia's own label Red Pony Records, share an appreciation for the timelessness of acoustic instrumentation. From Joni Mitchell's 1960's classic "Marcie" and Bickhardt's haunting "Crazy Nightingale" to Cheryl Wheeler's wistful "Arrow" and the Beatles' hit "In My Life," we're taken through a range of emotions that weave a "whole piece of fabric."

"I feel I'm on the trail of where I want to be musically," Sylvia explains. "Ten years ago I wanted to do this, but I couldn't for many reasons. Today, independent artists like me can have a lot more creative freedom. Since recording has become more affordable, artists can make great sounding records in a more relaxed atmosphere.

"The commercial world of music can be very stifling. You are 'put in a box' and labeled for marketing purposes long before you know who you are. As an artist, that's how I felt in the '80's. And I'm seeing, clearer and clearer all the time, why I had to stop. There was just no place to grow, in that box.

"I want to create music I care about and that inspires me," Sylvia says. "I hope people will enjoy this music, but honestly we created Where In The World just as we wanted, without any expectations beyond that. Anything that happens after that is icing on the cake."


  • 1.Where In The World
  • 2.Dance With Father Time
  • 3.Crazy Nightingale
  • 4.Bird On A Wire
  • 5.Marcie
  • 6.Arrow
  • 7.Bus Stop
  • 8.In My Life
  • 9.Watching Life With The Sound Turned Down
  • 10.Song Of Bernadette