Page One
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Release date: October 2010

Page One is an album by Steven Page. It is his third non-Barenaked Ladies release. It is his second solo album , and his first solo album since his departure from Barenaked Ladies. Page released the information on this album on his blog on July 25, 2010, noting he wrote a bunch of songs with Stephen Duffy and Craig Northey, as well as some on his own. Similar to the release of A Singer Must Die, the first 200 CD copies sold on Steven's official website would be autographed, and the first 100 Vinyl copies would be autographed.

The original release date of the album was planned to be September 28th, but was pushed back to October 19th. Although the release date was changed, some stores did not get the memo, and Rhapsody even put the album up for download 21 days before its planned release, where it still remains available for purchase.

The first single from the album is "Indecision". The single was released for purchase on iTunes as well as his website on July 27, 2010, and the music video debuted on October 9, 2010.

Page One peaked at #58 on the Canadian Albums Chart. It did not make the Billboard 100 charts in the United States. It also finished in third place on CBC Radio 2's "Top Canadian Albums of 2010", as voted by the station's listeners.

"It sounds like Steven Page. Well, like the inside of my brain and heart. It's stylistically all over the map: from power-pop to disco to big band jazz to folk. Even I am a little surprised at how upbeat it is, honestly!" - Page talking about Page One


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