Six Day Slide EP
Album lyrics Six Day Slide

Release date: March 2003

Formed from the ashes of the band Decadence (est. 1999) in early 2003, Six Day Slide immediately went to work on making a name for themselves, releasing their first, self-titled, EP in the spring of that year, and constantly playing clubs, bars and colleges throughout New England and the northeast, spreading the word and the music the old-fashioned way. The 5-song record garnered a very positive response all over the region, getting airplay on many college radio stations, including those of Boston College, Umass-Amherst, Harvard University, and Colby Sawyer College, and landing a track on Heavy Rotation Records' "Dorm Sessions" compilation CD.


  • 1.Much Too Real
  • 2.Release
  • 3.Everything
  • 4.Fallen
  • 5.One Thing Remains

Album cover

Six Day Slide Six Day Slide EP album cover