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Release date: July 2007

Lights is Six Day Slide's third release, recorded at Blue Jay Studios in Carlisle, MA with Giles Christenson and Ken Dziok. Recording Lights in New England was a conscious decision made by the members of Six Day Slide. "We recorded our last record down in New Jersey with John Seymour (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dave Matthews)," says Fortin. "But we decided as fun as that was, it would be easier to really put everything we had into the record if we did it right here in Boston where we felt at home."

The mellow, yet solid pop song "New Day" takes a break from the more ferocious tracks on Lights. "I choose to live like tomorrow never comes/ I choose to die like tomorrow never comes," sings Fortin. The lyrics seem to pay homage to one of the band's biggest supporters, the Fortins' grandfather Anthony Manfra, who passed away last spring. "It was because of him that we were finally able to put it all together, keep chasing our dream and record our first full-length record," explains Fortin.

"City Streets" is an upbeat track laden with Boston imagery – from neon streetlights to people watching. As the infectious hook of the chorus echoes "this will always be my home," it is clear that Six Day Slide isn't going to abandon New England anytime soon.


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Six Day Slide Lights album cover