Close Ties
Album lyrics Rodney Crowell

Release date: March 31, 2017

Label: New West Records

Produced by: Jordan Lehning, Kim Buie

Close Ties is the fifteenth solo studio album by American musician Rodney Crowell, released on March 31, 2017 through New West Records. The album was produced by Jordan Lehning and Kim Buie. Close Ties is deeply personal for Crowell as the record features songs he penned about his Texas upbringing and his start as a Nashville songwriter, as well as tracks that pay homage to friends and former lovers.

Speaking about the album's inspiration, Crowell explained: "I've lived long enough now that some of my contemporaries are starting to pass from the earth, so those relationships started coming to the fore as I was writing songs. Relationships that were so personal and so evocative in my life had passed away, but here I am, still tickin', still slippin' along. More than once I asked myself, 'Who am I now?'"


Album cover

Rodney Crowell Close Ties album cover