Slow Down
Album lyrics Richie McDonald

Release date: December 2010

Slow Down is the second solo album from Lonestar's frontman, Richie McDonald, released in January 2011. The album spotlights both McDonald's legendary way with a big ballad and his ability to relay the magic of family life. Slow Down was produced by McDonald and Tommy Lee James.

The award-winning artist describes the project as a musical journey marked with distinct sounds and purpose. "Recording and releasing Slow Down has been a process that started three years ago. Over the years people have associated me as being a ballad singer and I can't lie, I am a softy for ballads. With that in mind, Tommy Lee James and I went into the studio and recorded a ballad album. Every song has a message that will, hopefully, touch someone's heart and make a difference in their life," McDonald says.

"I just wanted to slow down a little bit, spend more time with my family, watch my children grow up, and just take a break and do things at my own pace. I made a lot of memories, music with Michael, Dean and Keech and I do miss them. This is just another chapter in my life," says Richie, a change in philosophy represented in the name of the album.


Album cover

Richie McDonald Slow Down album cover