Can't Stand The Silence
Album lyrics Rea Garvey

Release date: September 2011

Can't Stand the Silence is the debut solo album by Reamonn frontman, Rea Garvey, released on September 30, 2011. While much of the album offers a sound similar to the rock sound of Reamonn, it also includes a number of quieter tracks and introduces some new elements such as electronic sounds (the title track) and orchestral flourishes. Produced by Garvey and Andy Chatterly, the record features a guest appearance by Xavier Naidoo on the ballad "My Child." Can't Stand the Silence is also available as a limited deluxe edition with a second CD that collects 12 previous solo tracks by Garvey from soundtracks and other artists' albums.


Album cover

Rea Garvey Can't Stand The Silence album cover