Album lyrics Placebo

Release date: July 1996

Placebo is the self-titled debut album by the alternative rock band Placebo, released on the Virgin Records label on 16 July 1996. In 1998, Q magazine readers voted it the 87th greatest album of all time. Virgin placed the album 154th best album of all times on their 1000 greatest albums list.

The album combines a heavy punk rock sound ("Come Home", "36 Degrees") with a softer, more lyrical sound ("I Know", "Lady of the Flowers"). It contains influences from such bands as PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth.

Placebo was remastered and reissued in 2006 for its tenth anniversary.

The album set the tone for Placebo's trademark angst-ridden style. This is the only album recorded with drummer Robert Schultzberg before his departure from the group. He also plays didgeridoo on "I Know".

In recent years, only a few songs from the album were still being played live. Since 2006, "Come Home" and "I Know" were often included in live set lists. "Nancy Boy" was occasionally played as an encore. "Bionic" was regularly present on set lists until 2005. It has been played often on the Battle For The Sun tour.